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Responsive website Development

It is fundamental these days to have cross-device compatibility and remain device agnostic, while designing and developing websites.

So, what’s Responsive website design?

It’s simple. Ensuring to design and develop various graphics and elements of a website that is device and platform agnostic. Top quality user experience through fluid user interface design across multiple device(s) and platform(s) is what a responsive website design is.

With a majority of the search and brand discoveries happening through mobile, responsive website design becomes super essential.


Advantages of Responsive Website Designing

There are multiple advantages of having a responsive website design. First up, it eliminates the cost of investing on a mobile app. While responsive design doesn’t replace all the stuff that a mobile app can do, it certainly simulates one. If you are planning to venture into a mobile app in the future, having a responsive website/web application is the way to go. Having a responsive website is essential even if you do not want to invest on a mobile app.

That being said, there is a ton of other pros associated with having a responsive website design. Check your Google analytics and you can clearly see the difference in bounce rate stats while having a responsive website design. It also improves the search rankings – But how? Google gives preference to websites that are dynamic and smartphone-friendly. Swift loading time and a fluid UX also attributes to the SEO performance.

So, having a responsive website design is a no-brainer.

Improved SEO

Lower Bounce Rate

Rewarding mobile search

Enhanced UX

Quick loading

Future proof

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Key Features


SEO Gains

As mentioned earlier, Google certainly rewards websites that are responsive across multiple devices and platforms, by bettering the search ranks. Improving SEO performance is by far the best and an inexpensive way to attract the best “potentials” for your business.


Better UX

There is no “one fit for all” and websites are no different. The user flow and site architecture vastly change across different dimensions of smartphones, laptops, tablets, phablets and even smartwatches. It is important to adapt, design and align the graphics, texts, and pretty much the overall user interface fit across different screens to deliver a bespoke and best experience for the user.


Bang for the Buck

Most businesses, if not all, wish to invest and build a mobile application. But, is the investment worth it? Well, kickstarting with a mobile responsive website or a web application would make sense to start with and later analyzing the performance statistics of the mobile version would save a ton of money, especially for startups.


Accurate Analytics

With responsive website design, analyzing the analytics becomes much more accurate and simpler. Ambiguous and redundant data can work against the business. Differentiating the statistics based on the platforms and devices contributes to its accuracy and better reading.

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Why Responsive Website Design is the need of the hour?

The time has come where mobile searches have surpassed desktop searches. Thanks to the technological advancements and advent of the smartphone industry. Of course, due credits to Jio as well.

Here’s why responsive website design is an inevitable need.

  • Your website is just a click/tap away to be visited and just as much to exit. Hence, delivering the best user experience irrespective of the platform or device through which it has been searched, is crucial. Be it a smartphone, tablet, phablet or even a smartwatch.
  • It is also vital to ensure the website adapts best across different web browsers if not all, at least the most used browsers like Chrome, Safari, Edge and Firefox.
  • Your website/web application is not just what it is, but also a talking point, an identity and a trust factor. With such attributes associated to a website, you should never go wrong in this pivotal touchpoint.

Why Alchem Digital is the Best Responsive website design & development company?

At Alchem Digital, we understand the need and the importance of a responsive website through meticulous research. We have an array of websites and web applications built for our clients across the globe to our credit. The websites are designed and developed across different web technologies. At Alchem Digital, we are best known for our timely execution and the finest results.

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