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YouTube Marketing Services in Chennai

Promote your business on YouTube with one of the best YouTube Marketing Services company in Chennai

Why you should use YouTube for Marketing?

With YouTube being the most visited streaming service and the second most visited site in the world with approximately over 2.3 billion users, YouTube can be the optimal option for your marketing needs. Video ads tend to have higher engagement if done right. Videos can be one of the most engaging marketing forms, most importantly when it comes to informational and educational content.

With the increasing usage of mobile platforms, leveraging YouTube for your marketing purposes can help in reaching a wider set of audience/potential customers and increasing brand awareness. YouTube also gives you the opportunity to reach your target audience and identify what works with them, letting you produce content accordingly. Videos can be one of the most entertaining forms of marketing and also has the ability to make your customers understand your brand, product, and services better and you know where to go to get the best of YouTube Marketing.

Advantage of YouTube Marketing

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    Reach a Bigger Audience

By creating valuable and consistent content can help your brand reach a wide range of audiences from across the world. Apart from reaching a wider audience, YouTube also lets you understand what your customers are looking for from you and produce content that you know will work with them.

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    Quality Traffic

While the quantity of your traffic is important, you need quality traffic to see any form of conversion. YouTube can help you get qualified traffic as people land on your video because they believe it could be beneficial to them.

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    Target Audience

YouTube lets you target your ad to a specific audience based on their location, affinity, search behaviour, interests, etc. Instead of misspending your time and resources on people who are disinterested in your brand, you can target your ads on people who are actually interested in your products.

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    Track Your Performance

It is important to keep track of your YouTube marketing efforts, identify what works with your audience and make appropriate changes. YouTube analytics lets you keep track of several aspects of marketing like conversion rates, engagement, views, watch time, etc.

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Our YouTube Marketing Services


YouTube SEO

We optimize your channel, title, thumbnail, descriptions, etc. to rank your videos on the top of the YouTube search engine. Through our thorough YouTube keyword research and competitor analysis, we make your videos visible on YouTube. We also optimize your video for Google search


Channel Management and Optimization

Our YouTube management and optimization services will help you gain more subscribers and engage your customers with entertaining and informative content. We help you reach a wide range of audiences and take your products and services to a new set of customers


Thumbnail Optimization

Thumbnails play a major role when it comes to your video’s organic visibility. Your thumbnail needs to be engaging enough to have a viewer click on it. We optimize your videos’ thumbnails by maintaining consistency across videos, following trends, and find out what your competitors are doing


Analytics and Reporting

YouTube analytics lets you keep track of your performance of your YouTube marketing. YouTube analytics can help you know what works for your brand and ultimately accentuate your YouTube presence. We will produce timely reports with which we analyse your performance and create content which we know will work with your audience.


Trend Mapping and Content Ideas

We stay on top of trends and make sure that your YouTube content is trendy and engaging. We identify what works for your brand and come up with content ideas that we know will work with your target audience and ultimately increase views and engagement.


Community Management

Community management is an important part of YouTube marketing. We make sure that we engage with your audience regularly and analyse feedback from the audience. Our community management services can help you increase subscribers and interaction with the audience.


Video Optimization

Multiple factors determine how your video ranks on YouTube. Your video needs to be relevant and consistent to get better engagement on YouTube. We make sure we optimize your videos and gain more views and we also build a call to action (CTA) to increase your brand awareness.


Video Transcriptions

Video transcriptions come in handy in ranking your videos on top of the search engine. Video transcriptions make it easy for the search engine to rank your video better. Video transcriptions help in video SEO, increases user experience, and more.


Skippable In-stream Ads

Typically played before, during, or after a video, skippable ads give users an option to skip your ad after five seconds. Skippable ads are ideal for getting leads, increasing website traffic, brand awareness, and overall reach.


Non-Skippable In-stream ads

Non-skippable ads are typically used to increase brand awareness. These ads tend to have a higher CPM (Cost per Mile) when compared to other ad forms as it does not give the users an option to skip.


Bumper Ads

Bumper ads are six seconds long and are non-skippable. It is important to grab the attention of the viewers within the span of these six seconds and this ad form is mostly used to promote a product or service.


Discovery Ads

Discovery ads are displayed on the search result page of YouTube. Discovery ads are said to have a higher Return of Investment (ROI) since people who are drawn by your thumbnail or title tend to click on the ad which signifies the users’ interest in your brand/product. Discovery ads can also help in promoting your channel.


Banner Ads

Banner ads are the ones that occupy 20% of the video player. Banner ads can be useful to increase brand awareness.


Outstream Ads

Outstream ads are mobile-only ads that help in increasing brand awareness. Outstream ads are skippable and can help you reach potential customers.


Masthead Ads

With masthead ads, your ads appear on the YouTube Home and are typically used to display your products and services that you offer and increase brand awareness.


YouTube Ad Sequence

Ad sequencing on YouTube lets you tell your brand story in a series of ads. There are several sequence structures that can be used and we identify the right one for your brand and make sure we make your advertisements memorable and recallable.

To Entertain, Engage and Excel

What can we help you achieve?

Increase Subscribers

With our quality content, we increase views to your video thereby increasing the number of subscribers to the channel.

Promote Your Brand

We help you optimize your YouTube marketing thereby increasing your brand’s visibility across the world

Better ROI

Through our effective YouTube marketing strategies, we help you gain a better Return on Investment.

Why Choose Alchem Digital for YouTube Marketing Services?

At Alchem Digital, we understand the individuality and brand tone of each business and come up with YouTube marketing strategies that we know will work for you. We create engaging content and optimize your videos for better views and engagement. We stay up-to-date with YouTube’s algorithm and also optimize your videos for the search engine.

As a thriving digital marketing company, we help you enhance your YouTube presence and ultimately increase your brand’s awareness. Our team works relentlessly to understand what works for your brand among your customers. We keep track of your channel’s performance and implement necessary strategies to enhance YouTube presence and ultimately get you better ROI.

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Top YouTube Marketing company in Chennai

With the increasing use of mobile platforms, YouTube could be one of the most effective marketing tools. YouTube marketing lets you reach your target audience effectively and in turn gain qualified traffic serving you better ROI.

Depending on what you are trying to achieve through your YouTube ad, we can choose an ad form that will be ideal for your goals and brand. Feel free to drop your details here.

We create engaging and informational content which we then promote relentlessly to gain more viewers. We stay on top of the trends on YouTube and implement strategies that will increase subscribers for your channel.

Nope! YouTube marketing is actually the most cost-effective video marketing platform when compared to other social media platforms.

Yes! YouTube has a lot of users and with its ability to reach a wider set of audience, YouTube marketing can be effective to increase brand awareness and gain quality traffic and even sales.

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